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Main target: Kiss Flathead Eye | | Accessories: Chloroprene reel bag / spool band / rubber sheet / adjustment washer / reel stand protection sheet
Standard winding amount PE (No.-m): 0.3-300 / 0.5-250 ※ We use surf sensor + SiII. Weight: 375g
Winding length (per one rotation of the steering wheel): 65 cm
Gear ratio: 3.5
A special-purpose flagship model for further durability and long throw performance. It is equipped with a magnetic shield ball bearing, which will be adopted for the first time as a cast-only model, on the line roller section. It exerts its full power in the harsh environment of the line roller unit that receives seawater and sand directly. High durability was realized by adopting a zirconia line roller together. The reduction in the diameter of the front end provided by the nanahan spool (7.5 ° taper angle) produces a stress-free far-off force. 65 mm short handle for linear operability during reeling. Lineup includes two types of 0.5 PE specification and LG 0.5 PE specification (low gear ratio) for slow Sabi-ki. Of course we maintain 45mm stroke spool compatibility.

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